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Project Description


The Grace Hotel is a timeless landmark in the heart of Sydney CBD, and Sohoprojects is proud to have been a part of its renovation. The complete refurbishment of Level 4 included updating the rooms, bathrooms, and corridor spaces in a live operational environment.

The renovation of the Grace Hotel required exceptional attention to detail and craftsmanship, which our team was able to deliver to the highest standards. We took care to maintain the hotel’s historic character while integrating modern amenities and finishes.

Our team took on the challenge of addressing the fire-rating of the walls, ensuring that the safety of the hotel’s guests and staff was a top priority throughout the project.

With the renovation being carried out while the hotel was fully operational, our team had to carefully coordinate our work around the hotel’s daily operations to minimise any disruption to guests and staff. Our extensive experience working within live environments, such as the Grace Hotel, has provided us with the opportunity to refine our skills in managing complex construction projects.

We were able to complete the project to the satisfaction of our client, with a level of quality and attention to detail that exceeded expectations. We are dedicated to maintaining our commitment to excellence in commercial construction, and we are always ready to showcase our skills and expertise on any new project we undertake.