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Project Description


Powerflo Solutions manufacture and support a wide range of engineered control valves, serving varied industries in which liquids or gases are controlled. The company needed a spacious working environment with state-of-the-art labs, as well as office space, conference rooms and storage. Sohoprojects partnered with Poweflo to convert a run-down former industrial warehouse to meet the desired specs and needs.

The brief included replacement of the run-down and dysfunctional roof with a new 4000m2 roof. With an emphasis on environmental construction strategies, the newly installed roof was covered with self-sufficient solar panels, and power-saving light fixtures were installed throughout the warehouse, resulting in a significant reduction in electricity consumption. Some of the more specialised methods used included non-disruptive excavation using high-pressure water excavation while securing the existing underground power, gas, and fuel lines.

Safety, as always, was a focus of this repositioning project, with extensive fire rating work throughout the facility, including new fire-rated walls, fire reels and connection of hydrant lines into the Sydney water supply. Bringing the entire building up to standard, to comply with BCA requirements and subsequent subdivision DA approval. This complex project required collaboration and coordination with several consultants, council officials and service providers. The project was finished to the client’s satisfaction who consequently awarded Sohoprojects with an additional contract