we are soho projects


Soho Projects is a high-end construction company, specialising in new builds, refurbishments and interior fit-outs within the hospitality, commercial and retail sectors. With a core team comprised of head contractors, project managers and consultants, we create environments that reflect the vision, values, aspirations and identities of the brands our spaces represent.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to quality, and the ethos that our clients’ successes are direct reflections of our own, we deliver projects defined by superior workmanship, innovation and sustainability.

Trust, respect and innovation lie at the heart of our approach to customer service. Being completely upfront and accountable with what we promise to deliver allows us to focus 100% on meeting expectations and presenting a final product that’s on time, on budget and an inspiring asset to your brand.


For us, every project is a collaborative endeavour. We believe the best way to ensure a successful outcome for our clients is to make the exchange of ideas, planning and progression a shared experience.

We work in close collaboration not just with our clients, but with project stakeholders (such as landlords, local councils, hoteliers and centre management), as well as architects, design specialists and property experts. We’ve developed relationships with a wide network of highly skilled contractors and trusted suppliers, ensuring every project is carried out smoothly, efficiently and to the highest possible standards.

By leveraging these partnerships, we’re constantly working out better ways to do business. Investing in the latest trends and technology, we deliver projects that add immeasurable benefit to the brands we represent, and the people and communities they serve.